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DDR2 667 Module 240pins (PC2-5300)
DDR2-667 1Gx72 ECC Reg (8GB) HYS72T1G022EP-3S Infineon
DDR2-667 512Mx72x2 ECC Reg/RDIMM Kit (8GB 2x4G) CT2KIT51272AB667 Crucial
DDR2-667 1Gx72 ECC Reg (8GB) HMP31GP7AFR4C-Y5 SK hynix Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx72 ECC MT9HTF12872AY-667E1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx72 ECC MT9HTF12872RHY-667E1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx72 ECC MT9HTF12872AZ-667H1 Micron Orig
DDR2 128Mx72 ECC Reg 667 M393T2863FBA-CE6 Samsung [128Mx8 *9]
DDR2-667 128Mx72 ECC 654520\1GB\64Mx8\18C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Reg M393T6553EZA-CE6 Samsung [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Reg HYS72T64000HP-3S-A Qimonda [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 512Mx72 FBDIMM (2*2GB) 39M5791 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 1Gx72 ECC Reg (8GB) MT36HVZS1G72PZ-667C1 Micron
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Reg M393T6553CZA-CE6 Samsung [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Reg EBE51AD8AGFA-6E-E Elpida Orig
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Pb-Free M391T6553CZ3-CE6 Samsung [64Mx8, 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Pb-Free M391T6553EZ3-CE6 Samsung [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC Pb-Free M391T6553GZ3-CE6 Samsung [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC (512MB) CT6472AA667 Crucial
DDR2 2G 667 ECC REG M393T5660FBA-CE6M0 Samsung
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC MT9HTF6472RHY-53ED1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC MT9HTF6472PKY-53ED3 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC MT9HTF6472MY-667D3B3 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 64Mx72 FB ECC MT9HTF6472JY-667D5D4 Micron [64Mx8 9C]
DDR2-667 64Mx72 ECC 660390\512MB\64Mx8\9C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR2-667 1Gx64 (2*4GB) 39M5797 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 512Mx64x2 UDIMM Kit (8GB 2x4G) CT2KIT51264AA667 Crucial
DDR2-667 512Mx64 (4GB) Transcend Transcend
DDR2-667 512Mx64 (4GB) Elpida Orig Elpida Orig
DDR2-667 512Mx64 (4GB) KTM2726K2/4G Kingston
DDR2-667 512Mx64 (2x1GB) 41Y2732
DDR2-667 256Mx72x2 Kit (4GB 2x2G) CT2KIT25664AA1067 Crucial
DDR2-667 512Mx64 (2*512MB) (4GB) 39M5812? IBM Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 M378T5663QZ3-CE6 Samsung [128x8 16C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 KVR667D2N5/2G Kingston Retail
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HYMP125U64CP8-Y5 SK hynix [128Mx8 16C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 for Dell Optiplex 745 KTD-DM8400B/2G Kingston Retail
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HYMP125U64CP8-Y5-C SK hynix Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 NT2GT64U8HB0JY-3C Nanya Orig
DDR2 512Mx72 ECC Reg 667 (4GB) M393T5160FBA-CE6 Samsung [256Mx4 36C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 NT2GT64U8HD0BY-3C Nanya Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 RM25664AA667.16FE Rendition
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HMP125U6EFR8C-Y5 SK hynix Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 641918\KVR667D2N5/2G Kingston Bulk
DDR2-667 256Mx64 JM667QLU-2G Transcend
DDR2-667 256Mx64 TS256MLQ64V6U Transcend
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg VLP (4GB) M392T5160QJA-CE6 Samsung [512Mx4 18C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 CT51264AA667 Crucial
DDR2-667 256Mx64 648711\2GB\128Mx8\16C OEM Nanya
DDR2-667 128Mx64x2 Kit (2GB 2x1G) CT2KIT12864AA667 Crucial
DDR2-667 256Mx64 CT25664AA667.C16FH Crucial
DDR2-667 256Mx64 645074\2GB\128Mx8\16C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) HYMP151P72CP4-Y5-C SK hynix [256Mx4 36C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 (2x1GB) 41Y2729 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 643677\2GB\128Mx8\8C OEM Qimonda
DDR2-667 256Mx64 642819\2GB\128Mx8\16C OEM Blank
DDR2-667 256Mx64 656011\2GB\128Mx8\16C Samsung on 3rd
DDR2-667 256Mx64 662269\2GB\128Mx8\16C OEM Elpida
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) M393T5160DZA-CE6 Samsung Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 642818\2GB\128Mx8\16C\(Promos\Die) OEM Promos
DDR2-667 128Mx64x2 UDIMM Kit (2GB 2x1G) KVR667D2N5K2/2G Kingston Retail
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HYMP125U64AP8-Y5 SK hynix Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 M378T5663DZ3-CE6 Samsung [128x8 16C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 2GB_256x4_chips PQI
DDR2-667 256Mx64 M378T5663AZ3-CE6 Samsung [128x8 16C]
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) M393T5160QZA-CE6 Samsung [256Mx4 36C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 M378T5663RZ3-CE6 Samsung [128x8 16C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HYS64T256020EU-3S-C Qimonda Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 HYS64T256020EU-3S-B Qimonda Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 (2*1GB) 39M5785 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 MT16HTF25664AY-667E1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 MT16HTF25664AY-667G1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) HYS72T512220EP-3S-C2 Qimonda [256Mx4, 36C]
DDR2-667 256Mx64 MT16HTF25664AZ-667H1 Micron Orig
DDR2-667 256Mx64 (2*512MB) 39M5809 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 M378T2863RZS-CE6 Samsung [128Mx8 8C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 CT12864AA667.M8FH Crucial
DDR2-667 128Mx64 642616\1GB\128MX4\16C Qimonda
DDR2-667 128Mx64 MT8HTF12864AY-667E1 Micron [128mx8 8C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 (2*512MB) 39M5782 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 MT8HTF12864AY-667G1 Micron [128mx8 8C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 (2*512MB) 39M5818 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 (2*512MB) 39M5811 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 1GB 667MHz 41Y2761 IBM Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 MT8HTF12864AZ-667H1 Micron [128mx8 8C]
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) MT36HTF51272PY-667E1 Micron [256Mx4 36C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 600119\1GB\64Mx8\16C Micron
DDR2-667 128Mx64 604013\1GB\64Mx8\16C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR2-667 128Mx64 663718\1GB\128Mx8\8C Samsung on 3rd
DDR2-667 128Mx64 M378T2863QZ3-CE6 Samsung [128Mx8 8C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 646530\1GB\128Mx8\8C SK hynix on 3rd
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) MT36HTF51272PY-667G1 Micron [256Mx4 36C]
DDR2-667 128Mx64 KTH-XW4300/1G Kingston Bulk
DDR2-667 128Mx64 653357\1GB\128Mx8\8C SK hynix on 3rd set to PC667
DDR2-667 128Mx64 Dell DIMM 8C (1GB) KTD-DM8400B/1G Kingston
DDR2-667 128Mx64 259287\KVR667D2N5/1G Kingston Retail
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) HYMP351P72AMP4-Y5-A SK hynix Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 EBE10UE8ACFA-6E-E Elpida Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 EBE10UE8ACWA-6E-E Elpida Orig
DDR2-667 128Mx64 641566\1GB\64Mx8\16C OEM
DDR2-667 512Mx72 ECC Reg (4GB) HYMP351P72CMP4L-Y5 SK hynix [512Mx4 18C]
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