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Flash Memory [NAND /NOR]
32Mb Flash Memory MX25U3235FZNI-10G Macronix
8Mb NOR Flash S29AL008D90BFI020 Cypress/Spansion
128Mb NOR Flash Parallel 64BGA S29GL128P11FFIV13 Cypress/Spansion
16MbNOR Flash 2Mx8 75MHz M25P16-VMP6TG Micron
128MbNOR Flash JS28F128J3F75G Micron
64Mb NOR Flash MX25L6433FMI-08Q Macronix
8Mb NOR Flash S29GL064N11TFIV20 Cypress / Spansion
8Mb NOR Flash S29AL008D90TAI020 Spansion
64Mb NOR Flash S29GL064M90TAIR40 Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash PC28F512M29EWHB Micron
256Mb NOR Flash S29GL256P90TFIR13 Cypress/Spansion
256Mb NOR Flash S29GL256P11FFI012 Cypress/Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash S29GL512S11DHIV23 Cypress/Spansion
256Mb NOR Flash S29GL256P11FFI013 Cypress/Spansion
16Mb Serial NOR Flash M25P16-VMF6PBA Micron
2Gb(256MB) Serial NOR Flash RoHS MT25QU02GBBB8E12-0SIT Micron
64MB Flash M29W640GB60AZA6E Micron
256Mb Parallel 70ns 56-TSOP NOR Flash M29W256GL7AN6F Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S25FS128SAGNFI003 Cypress/Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash S25FS512SAGBHI213 Cypress/Spansion
4Mb NOR Flash M45PE40-VMW6TG Micron
32Mb NOR Flash N25Q032A13ESEC0F Micron
2Mb NOR Flash Serial-SPI 3.3V M25P20-VMP6TGB Micron
32Mb Serial Flash NOR MX25L3273EM2I-10G Macronix
256Mb SPI NOR Flash S25FL256SAGNFI011 Cypress/Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash S29GL512P10FFIR12 Cypress/Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash S29GL512P10FFIR13 Cypress/Spansion
128Mb NOR Flash S25FL128P0XNFI000 Cypress/Spansion
8Mb NOR Flash MX25R8035FZUIH1 Macronix
128Mb NOR Flash S25FL128LAGMFV013 Cypress/Spansion
64Mb NOR Flash M29W640GL-70ZF3E Micron
Numonyx M58LR128KB85ZB5E Numonyx
32Mb Flash W25Q32JVSFIG Winbond
SPI Flash MX25V8006EM1I-13G Macronix
256Mb NOR Flash S70FL256P0XMFI00 Cypress/Spansion
128Mb NOR Flash N25Q128A11BF840F Micron
64M Parallel NOR Flash JR28F064M29EWHA Micron
1Gb Parallel NOR Flash MT28EW01GABA1LJS-0SIT Micron
1Tb NAND Flash TLC H27Q1T8PEA8R-BDG SK hynix
64Mb NOR Flash S25FL164K0XMFI010 Cypress/Spansion
128Gb NAND Flash MLC 25nm JS29F16B08CCMF2 Intel
128Mb NOR Flash M29W128GH7AN6E Micron
1Tb NAND Flash MLC MT29F1T08CUCBBH8-6ITR:B Micron
1Tb NAND Flash MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3T:A Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S25FL128POXMFI000 Spansion
1Gb Flash JS28F00AP33BFA Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S25FL128POXMFI001 Spansion
128Gb NAND Flash MLC MT29F128G08CFABAWP:B Micron
128Mb J3 Parallel NOR Flash JS28F128J3F75B Micron
4Gb NAND Flash SLC x8 VFBGA-63 MX30UF4G18AB-XKI Macronix
4Mb NOR Flash MX25L4006EM2I-12G Macronix
64Mbit CMOS Flash Memory TC58FVM6T2ATG65 Kioxia/Toshiba
64M Parallel NOR Flash JR28F064M29EWTA Micron
64M NOR Flash JR28F064M29EWLA Micron
8Mb NOR Flash Page-Erasable Serial M25PE80-VMP6TG Micron
128Gb NAND Flash MLC MT29F128G08CECDBJ4-6R:D Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P10FFI010 Spansion
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P10FFI012 Spansion
128Gb NAND Flash SLC MT29F128G08AECBBH6-6IT:B Micron
8Mb NOR Flash Page-Erasable Serial M25PE80-VMP6G Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P10FFI022 Spansion
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P10FFI013 Spansion
8Mb Parallel NOR Flash M29W800FB70ZA3SE Micron
128Gb NAND Flash MLC MT29F128G08CFABAWP-IT:B Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P10FFI020 Spansion
128Gb NAND Flash MLC MT29F128G08CFABAWP:IT B Micron
8Mb Parallel NOR Flash M29W800FB70N3F Micron
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128P90TFIR23D Spansion
128M Flash FBGA S29GL128P90FFIR20 Spansion
8Mb NOR Flash M29F800FB55M3F2 STMicroelectronics
128Gb NAND Flash MLC MT29F128G08CFAABWP-12:A Micron
128Gb NAND Flash MLC 25nm JS29F16B08CCME1 Intel
128M Flash FBGA S29GL128P90FFSS03A Spansion
8Mb NOR Flash M25PE80-VMN6TP Micron
8Mb NOR Flash Page-Erasable Serial M25PE80-VMW6TG Micron
128Gb NAND Flash MLC JS29F16B08CCME3 Intel
128Gb NAND Flash SLC 25nm JS29F16B08JCNE1 Intel
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128S90FHI013 Spansion
4Mb NOR Flash Page-Erasable Serial 25PE40-VMN6TP Micron
8Mb NOR Flash M25PE80-VMW6G Micron
1Tb NAND Flash MT29F1T08EEHAFJ4-3R:A Micron
1Gb Parallel NOR Flash MT28EW01GABA1LJS-0AAT Micron
1Gb Parallel NOR Flash MT28EW01GABA1HJS-0SIT Micron
4M Paralell NOR Flash M29F400FT55M3F2 Micron
16Mb Serial NOR Flash M25P16-VMC6 Micron
1Gb Flash JS28F00AP33TFA Micron
128Mb Parallel NOR Flash S29GL128S10TFIV13 Spansion
128Mb Parallel NOR Flash S29GL128S10TFIV10 Spansion/Cypress
128Mb NOR Flash S29GL128S10DHIV20 Spansion
512Mb NOR Flash S25FL512SAGMFVG10 Cypress/Spansion
64Mb NOR Flash N25Q064A13ESFA0 Micron
512Mb NOR Flash SPI EHPLC, SO with RESET# and VIO S25FL512SAGMFIR11 Cypress/Spansion Tube
1Gb Flash JS28F00AP30TFA Micron
128M NOR Flash S29GL128N11FFI010 Spansion
128Gb NAND Flash 16Gx8 K9MDG08U5M-ZCB0 Samsung
1Tb NAND Flash MLC MT29F1T08CUCABK8-6:A Micron
128Mb Flash -Page Mode S29GL128P90FFSS70 Spansion
4M Paralell NOR Flash M29F400FB55N3E2 Micron
4M Paralell NOR Flash M29F400FT55N3F2 Micron
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