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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
GDDR5 256Mx32-80 MT51J256M32HF-80:B Micron
16GB LPDDR4 512Mx32 SU512M32Z11ND2DNP-053BT Spectek
LPDDR3 2GB x32 512Mx32 800Mhz K4E6E304EC-EGCG Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gb K4E6E304EE-EGCF Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gbit K4E6E304EB-EGCF Samsung
LPDDR3 16Gb 256Mx64 PC1866 MT52L256M64D2PP-107WT:B Micron
LPDDR3 8Gb 256M x32 PC1866 K4E8E324EB-EGCF Samsung
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2666 MT40A1G8SA-075:E Micron
DDR4 2Gx4 PC2666 K4A8G045WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2666 H5AN8G8NAFR-VKC Hynix
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2666 K4A8G085WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2400 H5AN8G8NMFR-UHC Hynix
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2400 H5AN8G8NAFR-UHC Hynix
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2400 K4A8G085WB-BCRC Samsung
DDR4 256Mx16 PC2400 MT40A256M16GE-083E:B Micron
DDR4 256Mx16 PC2400 K4A4G165WE-BCRC Samsung
DDR4 512Mx16 PC2666 K4A8G165WC-BCTD Samsung
DDR4 512Mx16 PC2400 K4A8G165WB-BCRC Samsung
DDR4 512Mx16 PC2400 TFBGA MT40A512M16JY-083E:B Micron
DDR4 512Mx16 PC2133 H5AN8G6NAFR-TFC Hynix
DDR4 512Mx8 PC2400 K4A4G085WE-BCRC Samsung
DDR4 1Gx8 PC2400 K4A8G085WB-BIRC Samsung
DDR4 512Mx16 PC3200 Ind MT40A512M16LY-062EIT:E Micron
DDR3 512Mx8 PC2133 K4B4G0846E-BCNB Samsung
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 K4B4G0846E-BYMA Samsung
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 K4B4G0846E-BCMA Samsung
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 MT41K512M8DA-107:P Micron
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 MT41K512M8DA-107IT:P Micron
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 1.35V H5TC4G83DFR-RDA Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1866 H5TQ4G83CFR-RDC Hynix
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 K4B8G1646D-MYK0 Samsung
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1600 MT41K512M16HA-125:A Micron
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 NT5CC512M8DN-DI Nanya
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 H5TC4G83EFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 512Mx8 PC1600 1.35V K4B4G0846E-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 512Mx16 PC1333 H5TC8G63CMR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 NT5CC256M16ER-EK Nanya
DDR3 256Mx16 PC2133 H5TQ4G63EFR-TEC Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC2133 K4B4G1646E-BCNB Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC2133 H5TQ2G63GFR-TEC Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 Ind. Temp. MT41K256M16TW-107IT:P Micron
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 K4B4G1646D-BCMA Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 K4B4G1646E-BCMA Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 H5TC4G63AFR-RDA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 1.5v H5TQ4G63CFR-RDC Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1866 1.5V H5TQ4G63EFR-RDC Hynix
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1866 NT5CC256M8IN-EK Nanya
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 H5TQ2G63GFR-RDC Hynix
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 K4B2G1646F-BYMA Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 K4B2G1646F-BCMA Samsung
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1866 Ind. Temp. H5TC2G63GFR-RDI Hynix
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1866 MT41K64M16TW-107IT:J Micron
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1866 K4B1G1646I-BCMA Samsung
DDR3 1Gx8 PC1600 H5TC8G83AMR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 1.35V K4B2G0846F-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646D-BIK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646D-BCK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 K4B4G1646E-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 1.35V H5TC4G63CFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 1.35V H5TC2G83GFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx16 PC1600 1.35V H5TC4G63EFR-PBA Hynix
DDR3 256Mx8 PC1600 NT5CC256M8IN-DI Nanya
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 K4B2G1646F-BYK0 Samsung
DDR3 128Mx8 PC1600 1.35V NT5CC128M8GN-DI Nanya
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 1.35v MT41K128M16JT-125:K Micron
DDR3 128Mx16 PC1600 Ind Temp MT41K128M16JT-125IT:K Micron
DDR3 64Mx16 PC1600 NT5CC64M16GP-DI Nanya
DDR3 256Mx16 H5TC4G63AFR-H9I Hynix
DDR2 32Mx16 PC1066 NT5TU32M16FG-BE Nanya
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 H5PS1G83KFR-S6C Hynix
DDR2 128Mx8 PC800 K4T1G084QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2 64Mx16 PC800 K4T1G164QJ-BCE7 Samsung
DDR2 64Mx8 PC800 MT47H64M8SH-25E:H Micron
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 K4T51163QI-HCF7T Samsung
DDR2 32Mx16 PC800 K4T51163QJ-BCE7T Samsung
Mobile DDR3
Mobile LPDDR3 32Gb x32 bit K4EBE304EC-EGCG Samsung
Mobile LPDDR3 32Gb x32 K4EBE304EB-EGCF Samsung
SD PC133
SDRAM 16Mx16 FBGA MT48LC16M16A2B4-6AIT:G Micron
SD 8Mx16 PC133 AS4C8M16SA-7BCN Alliance Memory
IC DRAM 128M PARALLEL 54TSOP AS4C8M16SA-6TAN Alliance Memory
SDRAM 16Mx16 FBGA MT48LC16M16A2B4-6A AIT:G Micron
DDR4 Module 288 pins 2666 (PC20800)
DDR4 8Gx72 PC2666 LRDIMM (64GB) M386A8K40BM2-CTD Samsung Orig [4Gx4 36C]
DDR4 4Gx72 PC2666 ECC Reg / RDIMM (32GB) M393A4K40CB2-CTD Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4 2Gx72 PC2666 ECC Reg / RDIMM (16GB) M393A2K40CB2-CTD Samsung Orig [2Gx4 18C]
DDR4 2Gx72 PC2666 ECC Reg / RDIMM (16GB) M393A2K43CB2-CTD Samsung Orig [1Gx8 18C]
DDR4 1Gx72 PC2666 ECC Reg / RDIMM (8GB) M393A1G43EB1-CTD Samsung Orig [512Mx8 18C]
DDR4 1Gx72 PC2666 ECC Reg / RDIMM (8GB) M393A1K43BB1-CTD Samsung Orig[1Gx8 9C]
DDR4 2Gx64 PC2666 (16GB) M378A2K43CB1-CTD Samsung Orig [1Gx8 16C]
DDR4 1Gx64 PC2666 (8GB) M378A1K43CB2-CTD Samsung Orig [1Gx8 8C]
DDR4 512Mx64 PC2666 (4GB) M378A5244CB0-CTD Samsung Orig [512Mx16 4C]
DDR4 Module 288 pins 2400 (PC19200)
DDR4 4Gx72 PC2400 ECC Reg / RDIMM (32GB) M393A4K40BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4 4Gx72 PC2400 ECC Reg / RDIMM (32GB) M393A4K40CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
DDR4 2Gx72 PC2400 ECC Reg / RDIMM (16GB) M393A2K40CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 18C]
DDR4 1Gx72 PC2400 ECC Reg / RDIMM (8GB) M393A1K43BB0-CRC Samsung Orig[1Gx8 9C]
DDR4 2Gx64 PC2400 (16GB) M378A2K43CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 16C]
DDR4 Module 288 pins 2133 (PC17000)
DDR4 2Gx72 PC2133 ECC Reg / RDIMM (16GB) M393A2G40DB0-CPB Samsung Orig [1Gx4 36C]
DDR4 1Gx72 PC2133 ECC Reg / RDIMM (8GB) MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G1 Micron Orig [1Gx4 18C]
DDR4 2666 SO-DIMM 260 pins
DDR4 PC2666 SO-DIMM 2Gx64 (16GB) M471A2K43CB1-CTD Samsung Orig [1Gx8 16C]
DDR4 PC2666 SO-DIMM 1Gx64 (8GB) M471A1K43CB1-CTD Samsung Orig [1Gx8 8C]
DDR4 PC2666 SO-DIMM 512Mx64 (4GB) M471A5244CB0-CTD Samsung Orig [512Mx16 4C]
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