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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
8 Bit Microcontroller 20MHz 32KB ATMEGA324PA-AU Atmel
8 bit Microcontroller ATMEGA328P-AN Atmel
8 bit Microcontroller ATMEGA2560-16AU Atmel
8 bit Microcontroller ATMEGA16L-8AU Atmel
8-bit Microcontroller ATMEGA168V-10AU Atmel
EPROM AT27LV256A-90JU Atmel
1M Bit FPGA Configuration EEPROM AT17LV010A-10JI Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT17LV256-10PC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C01-10PI Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C01A-10SC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C02-10PC Atmel
Serial EEPROM use for Modules AT24C02N-10SC-2.7 Atmel
8 Bit Microcontroller AT89S8252-24JC Atmel
32 Bit Microcontroller ATSAM4S2BA-AU Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C04AN-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C08A-10PI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C08AN-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C1024W-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C128W-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C16-10PI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C16N-10SC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C256-10PC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C32W-10SC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C512C-SSHD-T Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C02C-STUM-T Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C512N-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C64W-10SI-2.5 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24C64A-10TI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT24RF08CN-10SC Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25040N-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25320AN-10SU-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25F1024N-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25HP512-10CI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25HP512W2-10SI-2.7 Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT25P1024C1-10CI-2.7 Atmel
4M bit Atmel EPROMs AT27BV4096-12JC Atmel
EPROM AT27C010-90JC Atmel
EPROM AT27C040-12TC Atmel
EPROM AT27C040-15PC Atmel
EPROM AT27C040-70PU Atmel
EPROM AT27C256R-12RC Atmel
EPROM AT27C256R-15JC Atmel
EPROM AT27C256R-70PC Atmel
EPROM AT27C256R-70PI Atmel
EPROM AT27C4096-70PC Atmel
EPROM AT27C512R-15JI Atmel
EPROM AT27C512R-15PC Atmel
EPROM AT27C512R-15TC Atmel
EPROM AT27C512R-45JC Atmel
EPROM AT27LV010A-90JC Atmel
EPROM AT27LV020A-12JI Atmel
EPROM AT27LV040A-12JI Atmel
EPROM AT27LV040A-90JC Atmel
EPROM AT27LV040A-90JI Atmel
EPROM AT27LV256A-90JC Atmel
EEPROM AT28C16-15PI Atmel
EEPROM AT28C16-15SC Atmel
EEPROM AT28C17-15SC Atmel
EEPROM AT28C256-15LM 883 Atmel
EEPROM AT28C256F-15JI Atmel
EEPROM AT28C64-15PC Atmel
EEPROM AT28C64-25PC Atmel
EEPROM AT28C64B-15JI Atmel
EEPROM AT28C64B-15SC Atmel
1Mb Flash PEROM AT29C010A-15JI Atmel
1Mb Flash PEROM AT29C010A-70PC Atmel
1Mb Flash PEROM AT29C010A-70PI Atmel
1Mb Flash EPROM AT29C010A-90JI Atmel
1Mb Flash EPROM AT29C010A-90JU Atmel
1Mb Flash PEROM AT29C010A-90TC Atmel
1Mb Flash EPROM AT29C010A-90TI Atmel
2Mb Flash PEROM AT29C020-90JI Atmel
2Mb Flash PEROM AT29C020-90PC Atmel
2Mb Flash PEROM AT29C020-90TC Atmel
4Mb Flash PEROM AT29C040A-15PI ATMEL
4Mb Flash PEROM AT29C040A-90TI Atmel
4Mb Flash PEROM AT29C040A-90JI Atmel
1Mb Flash Memory AT29C1024-70JC Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-12PI Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-15PC Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-70JI Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-70PC Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-70PI Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-90PC Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-90PI Atmel
256Kb Flash Memory AT29C256-90TC Atmel
512Kb Flash Memory AT29C512-90JI Atmel
512Kb Flash Memory AT29C512-90PI Atmel
1Mb Flash Memory AT29LV010A-15TC Atmel
1Mb Flash Memory AT29LV010A-20TI Atmel
1Mb Flash Memory AT29LV1024-15JC Atmel
512Kb Flash Memory AT29LV512-15JU Atmel
Serial EEPROM AT34C02C-TH-T Atmel
Hub Controller AT43312A-AU Atmel
8Mb Flash Memory AT45D081A-RC Atmel
4Mb Flash Memory AT45DB041B-SC Atmel
4Mb Flash Memory AT45DB041B-SU Atmel
4Mb Flash Memory AT45DB041D-SU Atmel
4Mb 512X8 Flash Memory AT45DB041N-SJ Atmel
4Mb Flash Memory AT45DB041D-SSU Atmel
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