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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
Rectifier Diode 1N4002 Fairchild
Optocoupler 4N32 Fairchild
Optocoupler 4N33S Fairchild
Optocoupler 4N35 Fairchild
Hex Inverter 74LCX244MTCX Fairchild
Hex Inverter 74LCX245MTCX Fairchild
8-Bit Dual Supply Translating Transceiver with 3-S 74LVXC4245MTCX Fairchild
P Channel MOSFET BSS110 Fairchild
Transistor BSS138 Fairchild
MOSFET FDB7030L Fairchild
P Channel MOSFET FDS4435 Fairchild
DC/DC Converter FDS5670 Fairchild
N-Channel Logic Level MOSFET FDS6670A Fairchild
N-Channel MOSFET FDS6690A Fairchild
N-Channel,Digital FET FDV301N Fairchild
256k EPROM FM27C256Q120 Fairchild
512k EPROM FM27C512Q120 Fairchild
MOSFET FQA24N50 Fairchild
600V N-Channel QFET FQD2N60TF Fairchild
200V N-Channel QFET FQP34N20 Fairchild
Optocoupler H11L1SR2M Fairchild
SMPS Controller KA34063A\2 Fairchild
Power Switch KA5L0380R-YDTU Fairchild
Power Factor Correction (PFC) Controller KA7526 Fairchild
Voltage Regulator KA78L05AZTA Fairchild
Silicon Transistor KSA614-Y Fairchild
Silicon Transistor KSD880-Y Fairchild
Silicon Transistor KSP2222A Fairchild Semi
Dual Operational Amplifiers (DIP8) LM358N Fairchild
16-Key Encoder MM74C922WM Fairchild
Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger MM74HC14MX Fairchild
Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger MM74HC14N FAIR
Standard Logic ICs MM74HC164MX Fairchild
8 Bit Multiplexer MM74HC4051MTC Fair Child
Shift Register MM74HC595M Fairchild
3-to-8 Demultiplexer MM74HCT138MTC Fairchild
High Conductance Ultra Fast Diode MMBD1204 Fairchild
Diode MMBD4148 Fairchild
Independent BJT Array MMPQ2907A Fairchild
Triac Driver MOC3052M Fairchild
Zero Crossing Triac Driver MOC3061 Fairchild
Zero Crossing Triac Driver Output MOC3062 Fairchild
Optocoupler MOC3063M FAIR
Optocoupler MOC3083M Fairchild
Optocoupler MOCD207 FAIR
TinyLogic HS Inverter NC7S04M5X Fairchild
AND Gate NC7S08P5X Fairchild
Analog Switch NC7SB3157L6X Fairchild
Buffer NC7SZ125M5 Fairchid
Buffer NC7SZ126M5X Fairchild
2 Input XOR Gate NC7SZ86P5X Fairchild
N Channel Match Pair NDC7002N Fairchild
PNP Bipolar Transistor PZT2907A Fairchild
P-Channel Logic-Level Enhancement Mode Field Effec FDN338P Fairchild
N Channel MOSFET SSH25N40A Fairchild
Fairchild FM27C256QE90 Fairchild
Transistor NDT3055L Fairchild
Fairchild 74HCT244DBR Fairchild
Fairchild S6B0759X01-B0CY Fairchild
Octal Buffer/Line Driver 74VHC244MX Fairchild
Transceiver 74LVX161284MEAX Fairchild
Quad Operational Amplifier (DIP14) LM324N Fairchild
Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger MM74HC14MTCX Fairchild
AND Gate MM74C08N Fairchild
Fairchild RC4200MT Fairchild
MOSFET FDN304P Fairchild
Fairchild USB1T11AMTC Fairchild
Diode RHRG50120 Fairchild
Transistor FQD12N20LTM Fairchild
Transient suppressor diode 1.5KE180CA Fairchild
Transistor BD139-16S-TO-126 Fairchild
Fairchild FDS7066SN3 Fairchild
Optoisolator H11AV1A-M Fairchild
Optocoupler (DIP6) MOC3062TVM Fairchild
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