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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
EEPROM 8K-bit (1024 x 8) S524A60X81-SC70 Samsung
Image Sensor (5M) S5K4E5YA04-FGX2 Samsung
Samsung CL10B104KONC Samsung
Samsung CL21B104KBNC Samsung
Capacitor CL05C3R3CB5NNNC Samsung
EDO 16Mx4-60 5V 4K K4E640411D-TC60 Samsung
Samsung K4F660811E-TC60 Samsung
Samsung K4R271669D-TCS-8T00 Samsung
SD 1Mx16 K4S161622D-TC70 Samsung
SD 1Mx16 K4S161622E-TI1000 Samsung
SD 1Mx16 K4S161622TC80 Sansung
SD-100 128MB 8Mx16 CL2 K4S281632B-NC1H000 Samsung
SD-100 128MB 8Mx16 CL3 K4S281632B-NC1L000 Samsung
SD-100 4Mx16 K4S641632DTC80 Samsung
Samsung K5A3280YTC-T755 Samsung
SRAM 128Kx8 low pwr low voltage K6F1008V2C-YF55T00 Samsung
Samsung K6F2016U4D-FF70T Samsung
1M Fast SRAM K6R1004C1C-JC12000 Samsung
1M Fast SRAM K6R1008C1C-JC10 Samsung
SRAM 1M Fast 128Kx8 K6R1008V1D-TC10T00 Samsung
SRAM 256Kx16-10 K6R4016C1C-TC10 Samsung
SRAM 256Kx16-15 K6R4016C1C-TI15 Samsung
SRAM 256Kx16-10 K6R4016C1D-JI10 Samsung
Camera Chip S5K5BAF Samsung
Samsung K6T0808CID-TB70 Samsung
SRAM 512Kx8-7 K6T4008V1C-GB70 Samsung
Samsung K6T4008VIC-VF70 Samsung
Sync SRAM 64Kx32 K7A203200A-QC10 Samsung
Samsung K7A403609A-QC22 Samsung
Sync SRAM K7A403609A-QC25 Samsung
4M Sync K7A403609B-QC22000 Samsung
4M Sync K7A403609B-QI20000 Samsung
8M Sync K7A803609B-QC20000 Samsung
Sync SRAM 1Mx18 K7B161825M-QC75 Samsung
Sync SRAM 1Mx18 K7B161825A-QC75 Samsung
8M Sync SRAM K7B801825B-QC75000 Samsung
8M Sync K7B801825B-QC85 Samsung
8M Sync K7B801825B-QC65000 Samsung
8M Sync K7B801825B-QC75T00 Samsung
Samsung K7N321845M-QC16 Samsung
samsung K7N321831C-PC16 Samsung
Syn Fast SRAM 256x18 K7N401801B-QC13 Samsung
Samsung K7Q161852A-FC16 Samsung
Samsung K7Q163652A-FC16 Samsung
32Mb NOR Flash Ind Temp K8D3216UBC-DI07 Samsung
32Mb NOR Flash K8D3216UTC-YI07 Samsung
1.2W Audio Power Amp KA2201 Samsung
Tone Ringer KA2410 Samsung
Tone Ringe With Bridge Diode KA2418 Samsung
Samsung KA34063A Samsung
Samsung KM29N16000AT Samsung
Samsung KM29N32000T Samsung
Samsung KM416S1020CT-G10 Samsung
Samsung KM416S1020CT-G8 Samsung
SD 4Mx16 KM416S4030AT-F10 Samsung
MCU 16/32-bit RISC Microcontroller S3C4510B01-QE80 Samsung
Samsung KM41C4000BJ-6 Samsung
Samsung KM41C4000CJ-7 Samsung
(4x1 FPM 1K 5V SOJ) KM41C4000DJ-6 Samsung
Samsung KM432S2030BT-G7TQB Samsung
Samsung KM432S2030CT-G8TQC Samsung
Samsung KM43S2030CT-G8TQC Samsung
FPM 1Mx4-8 KM44C1000AJ-8 Samsung
Samsung KM44C16100CS-6 Samsung
Samsung KM44C16104BK-6 Samsung
Samsung KM44C256AP-10 Samsung
Samsung KM44C256AP-8 Samsung
Samsung KM44C256CP-10 Samsung
Samsung KM44C256CP-7 Samsung
Samsung KM44C256DP-7 Samsung
EDO 4Mx4-60 QUAD CAS SOJ KM44C4105CK-60 Samsung
Samsung KM62256BLTG-7L Samsung
Samsung SRAM KM64258CJ-15 Samsung
SRAM 128Kx8 4.5-5.5volts KM681000BLP-70 Samsung
SRAM 128Kx8 4.5-5.5volts KM681000CLP-5L Samsung
Samsung KM684000ALG-7L Samsung
Samsung KM684000ALP-7L Samsung
Samsung KM684000CLG-5L Samsung
Samsung KM68512ALG-5 Samsung
Samsung KM68V1002CJ-15 Samsung
Samsung KM68V1002CJ-15T Samsung
SRAM 512Kx8 KM68V4002BT-10 Samsung
Samsung KM732V689AT-10 Samsung
SRAM 128kx36 3.3V (100 TQFP) KM736V789T72 Samsung
Samsung KM93C46G Samsung
Samsung KS0065B Samsung
Samsung KS0065BQ Samsung
Microcontroller S3C2800X01-EE80 Samsung
Samsung KS0127B Samsung
Samsung KS5520 Samsung
Samsung KS57P2304Q Samsung
Samsung KS58015D Samsung
SO-DIMM PC133 32Mx64 M464S3254DT2-L7A Samsung
DDR-266 64Mx64 SODIMM (512MB) M470L6423CK0-CB0 Samsung Orig
System LSI -Telephone/Cordless Phone S1T8825B01-R0B0 Samsung
Microprocessor S3C44B0X01-YDR0 Samsung
Microprocessor S3F84I9XZZ-QZ89 Samsung
Microprocessor S3C44B0X01-YD80 Samsung
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