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Pentium Dual-core Box 2x2M cache LGA775
Pentium G4600 BX80677G4600 Intel Box
PDC G860 3.0GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2) BX80623G860 Intel Box
PDC G850 2.9GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2) BX80623G850 Intel Box
PDC G870 3.1GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2) BX80623G870 Intel Box
PDC G630 2.7GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2) BX80623G630 Intel Box
PDC G620 2.6GHz Socket 1155 (Socket H2) BX80623G620 Intel Box
Cel DC G530 2.4GHz BX80623G530 Intel Box
Cel DC G440 1.6GHz BX80623G440 Intel Box
PD 960 3.6GHz (LGA775) BX80553960 Intel Box
PD 950 3.4GHz (LGA775) BX80553950 Intel Box
PD 945 3.4GHz (LGA775) no VT BX80553945 Intel Box
PD 940 3.2GHz (LGA775) BX80553940 Intel Box
PD 930 3.0GHz (LGA775) BX80553935 Intel Box
PD 925 3.0GHz (LGA775) no VT BX80553925 Intel Box
PD 920 2.8GHz (LGA775) BX80553920 Intel Box
PD 915 2.8GHz (LGA775) No VT BX80553915 Intel Box
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