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Description Part No. Brand Qty Sel
MP3 Player
512MB MP3 JetFlash USB2.0 TS512MJF-MP3 Transcend
256MB MP3 Player 256MBmP3 Player OEM OEM
128MB MP3 Player 128MBmP3 Player OEM OEM
256MB MP3 Player T.Sonic 610 TS256MMP610 Transcend
256MB MP3 Player T.Sonic 510 TS256MMP510 Transcend
512MB MP3 Player T.Sonic 310 TS512MMP310 Transcend
32GB iPod Touch MD749ZP A Apple
16GB iPod Nano Silver MD480 Apple
16GB iPod Nano Purple MD479 Apple
16GB iPod Nano Pink MD475 Apple
16GB iPod Nano Green MD478 Apple
16GB iPod Nano Blue MD477 Apple
16GB iPod Nano Black 673132 Apple
8GB iPod Nano Black 596174 Apple
4GB Sansa Fuze Video MP3 Player BLUE SDMX14R-004GB WD/SanDisk
4GB MP3 Player Sansa E260 w/ FM SDMX4-4096-A70 WD/SanDisk
4GB iPod Nano White MA107HK A Apple
4GB iPod Nano Black MA107LL\A\2 Apple
2GB MP3 Player Sansa Clip w/ FM SDMX11R-2048P-A70 WD/SanDisk
2GB iPod Suffle IPod Suffle 2GB Apple
2GB iPod Shuffle MD779LL A Apple
2GB iPod Nano White MA004LL A Apple
2GB iPod Nano Black MA099LL A Apple
1GB MP3 Player T.Sonic 310 TS1GMP310 Transcend
1GB MP3 JetFlash USB2.0 TS1GJF-MP3 Transcend
1GB iPod Nano White MA107LL A Apple
1GB iPod Nano Black MA352LL A Apple
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