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DDR4 2400 Module 288pins (PC4-19200)
M386A8K40BM1-CRC Samsung Orig [DDP 4Gx4 36C]
HMAA8GL7AMR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [DDP 4Gx4 36C]
M386A4G40DM1-CRC Samsung Orig [DDP 2Gx4 36C]
M386A4K40BB0-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
M393A8K40B21-CTC Samsung Orig [2H TSV 4Gx4 36C]
HMAA8GL7MMR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [DDP 4Gx4 36C]
HMA84GR7MFR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GR7AFR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 36C]
M393A4K40BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
M393A4K40CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GL7AFR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 36C]
MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [2Gx4 36C]
HMA82GR7MFR4N-UHTD SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 18C]
M393A2G40EB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx4 36C]
M393A2K40BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 18C]
M393A2K43CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 18C]
MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [1Gx8 18C]
HMA42GR7AFR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx4 36C]
HMA42GR7BJR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx4 36C]
HMA82GR8AMR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 18C]
MTA18ADF2G72PZ-2G3 Micron Orig [1Gx4 18C]
MTA36ASF2G72PZ-2G3 Micron Orig [1Gx4 36C]
HMA82GR7MFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 18C]
HMA82GR8AFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 18C]
HMA82GR7AFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 18C]
HMA82GR7AFR4N-UH SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 18C]
M393A2K43BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 18C]
M393A2K40CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [2Gx4 18C]
MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G3D1 Micron Orig [1Gx8 18C]
MTA18ADF2G72PDZ-2G3 Micron Orig [1Gx8 18C]
HMA81GR7AFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 9C]
HMA41GR7AFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [512Mx8 18C]
M393A1G43EB1-CRC Samsung Orig [512Mx8 18C]
MTA18ADF1G72PZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [1Gx4 18C]
HMA81GR7MFR8N-UHTD SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 9C]
M393A1G40EB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx4 18C]
M393A1K43BB0-CRC Samsung Orig[1Gx8 9C]
MTA9ASF1G72PZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [1Gx8 9C]
MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [1Gx4 18C]
MTA18ASF1G72PDZ-2G3 Micron Orig [512Mx8 18C]
KSM24RS8/8HAI Kingston Retail
HMA451R7AFR8N-UHT2 SK hynix Orig [512Mx4 18C]
MTA9ASF51272PZ-2G3 Micron Orig [512Mx8 9C]
M391A2K43BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 18C]
M391A1G43EB1-CRC Samsung Orig [512Mx8 18C]
M391A1K43BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 9C]
MTA18ASF1G72AZ-2G3B1 Micron Orig [512Mx8 18C]
M391A5143EB1-CRC Samsung Orig [512Mx8 9C]
M378A2K43BB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 16C]
M378A2K43CB1-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 16C]
HX424C15FB/16 Kingston Retail
BLS16G4D240FSC Crucial Orig
HMA82GU6AFR8N-UHN0 SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 16C]
CT16G4DFD824A Crucial Orig
KVR24N17S8/8 Kingston Retail
HMA81GU6AFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 8C]
HMA81GU6MFR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 8C]
CT8G4DFS824A Crucial Orig
HMA81GU6CJR8N-UH SK hynix Orig [1Gx8 8C]
CT8G4DFD824A Crucial Orig
HX424C15FB2/8 Kingston Retail
M378A1K43BB2-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 8C]
8GB 1Gx8 8C_[3] OEM
CB8GU2400 Crucial Orig
MTA8ATF1G64AZ-2G3 Micron Orig [1Gx8 8C]
M378A1K43CB2-CRC Samsung Orig [1Gx8 8C]
M378A5244CB0-CRC Samsung Orig [512Mx16 4C]
CT4G4DFS824A Crucial Orig
KVR24N17S8/4 Kingston Retail
KVR24N17S6/4 Kingston Retail
HMA851U6CJR6N-UH SK hynix Orig [512Mx16 4C]
HMA851U6AFR6N-UH SK hynix Orig [512Mx16 4C]
CB4GU2400 Crucial Orig
M378A5244BB0-CRC Samsung Orig [512Mx16 4C]
DDR4 2133 Module 288pins (PC4-17000)
M386A8K40BMB-CPB Samsung Orig [DDP 4Gx4 36C]
M386A4G40DM0-CPB Samsung Orig [DDP 2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GL7AMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GL7MMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GL7MMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 36C]
MTA36ASF4G72PZ-2G1B1 Micron Orig [2Gx4 36C]
HMA84GR7MFR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 36C]
HMAA4GR8MMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 4Gx72 18C]
M393A4K40BB0-CPB Samsung Orig [2Gx4 36C]
M393A2G40EB1-CPB Samsung Orig [1Gx4 36C]
M393A2G40DB0-CPB Samsung Orig [1Gx4 36C]
M392A2G40DM0-CPB Samsung Orig [2Gx4 18C]
HMA42GR7MFR4N-TFTD SK hynix Orig [1Gx4 36C]
HMA82GR7AFR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [2Gx4 18C]
HMA82GR8MMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 18C]
HMA42GR7AFR4N-TFTD SK hynix Orig [1Gx4 36C]
HMA82GR8AMR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [DDP 2Gx4 18C]
HMA41GR7AFR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [512Mx8 18C]
M393A1G40EB1-CPB Samsung Orig [1Gx4 18C]
HMA41GR7AFR8N-TF SK hynix Orig [512Mx8 18C]
MTA18ASF1G72PZ-2G1 Micron Orig [1Gx4 18C]
HMA41GR7MFR4N-TF SK hynix Orig [1Gx4 18C]
M393A1G43DB0-CPB Samsung Orig [512Mx8 18C]
M393A1G40DB0-CPB Samsung Orig [1Gx4 18C]
HMA451R7MFR8N-TFTD SK hynix Orig [512Mx4 18C]
M391A1G43DB0-CPB Samsung Orig [512Mx8 18C]
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